Openness is at the heart of our community.

At Lutheran Crossings you’ll find a friendly neighborhood with deep connections to the wider Moorestown community. Historic Breidenhart Castle attracts many visitors and is frequently used for weddings, parties and other celebrations. In addition to the activities we offer, Lutheran Crossings has many ties to local schools and organizations whose members visit the campus regularly. Residents also frequently attend student plays and other events at nearby schools. We are also fortunate to have a large number of dedicated volunteers who serve to connect residents to life beyond our campus boundaries.

Discover the rich spiritual life at Lutheran Crossings.

As a faith-based nonprofit organization, we celebrate spiritual life in all its many forms. Here you’ll find friendly residents and caring professionals who welcome newcomers of all faiths and backgrounds with open arms. Although our roots are in the Lutheran church, our full-time chaplain offers nondenominational services every Sunday at St. Luke’s, the community’s on-site chapel. Catholic services are also offered every Sunday, and there are additional spiritual gatherings, including Bible study, on our monthly Activities Calendars. Sunday services are open to residents, their family members, staff and also open to members of the Moorestown community.