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As an attending physician for multiple nursing facilities, I have the unique opportunity to compare the programs and services provided for the population of frail seniors in Southern New Jersey. In particular, I am impressed with the quality outcomes at Lutheran Crossings Enhanced Living at Moorestown. As Medical Director for this Burlington County nursing and rehabilitation community, I see firsthand how quickly and efficiently their team works to assess the needs of their patients to establish a unique and personal plan of care to reach each patient’s goals.

Dr. Alyson Emmons, DO
Advocare Physicians

My Mother had been at Lutheran Crossings a couple of times for rehab following hospital stays so when it became necessary to look for long term skilled nursing care for her, we automatically thought of Lutheran Crossings because of our previous experiences there, the quality of care Mom received, and its convenient location for our family.

Mom spent about two and a half years at Lutheran Crossings and during that time she was treated with kindness and compassion and was always well groomed and comfortable. Each day there were plenty of activities offered for the residents and family members were invited to participate as well. Mom especially liked our trips to the Ice Cream Parlor, the musical programs, birthday and holiday parties, and playing kickball with her friends!

The nurses kept us well informed and were always available to answer questions and discuss any concerns we may have had. The staff treated us with compassion and honesty because they understood that having a loved one being cared for outside the home was a traumatic experience for the whole family.

The staff and volunteers at Lutheran Crossings work tirelessly and with good humor to maintain a safe, clean and healthy environment for their residents.

Gerri K.

In December of 2009 the Todd family’s lives experienced a Traumatic turn of events. Our mother was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  According to the New England Journal of Medicine, in 2010, there were between 21 and 35 million people worldwide with this devastating disease. And I wish that I could share with you just how upsetting it is to my family to know that our mother is one of those individuals!

I suspect that a lot of you reading this piece can relate to the loss of a loved one to such a disease.  My mother is my Hero!  She raised five (5) children and buried one (1) in her role as our mother.  I understand that the most difficult event to experience in life is to lose a child and I can tell you first hand that my mother was quite strong cosmetically when she lost our brother.  I can only imagine the heartache that she felt.  If it compares to the heartache that I personally felt when the doctors gave us mom’s diagnosis, then I can truly share with you the hole in my heart that I lived with every day that she may have also felt.

The day that brought back a little glimmer of light was July 24, 2014 when mom was admitted into the long term care facility of Lutheran Crossings, (formerly Lutheran Care at Moorestown).  I was mom’s primary caregiver for years and to have to surrender the tender loving care that she received from her family over to strangers was like your child’s first day at school.  But I must say that was the day the Lutheran Crossings saved our lives.  Mom has officially been under their care since that date and I can honestly say that she looks healthy!

Our family visits frequently and every time that I am there to share a meal or pick her clothes up to be laundered (my choice), mom is either in an activity of some sort, or visiting with staff members. The nurses keep me informed of any issues that may arise and are on top of mom’s medical needs.  The personal care attendants and recreation staff are constantly involved with the residents.  It is nice to hear oldies but goodies on the flat screen TV while they dine. The Environmental Services (housekeeping) are constantly in the various areas sanitizing as needed.

Please do not get me wrong.  It does not change the fact that you may have this tremendous hurt from the loss of your loved one who may be physically, and definitely mentally, out of your life and personal loving care. But I can assure you that Lutheran Crossings has been a God-send to our family!  I personally consider them our extended-family!

Very truly yours,

Dennie Todd, Loving Daughter