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Part of LSMNJ

Lutheran Crossings at Moorestown is part of Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey (LSMNJ) -–a mission-driven, grace-filled, not-for-profit organization deeply committed to using its combined expertise to serve those in New Jersey who hurt, who are in need, or who have limited choices.

So what does this mean to the staff, residents, and family members at Lutheran Crossings?

Owned and operated by a faith-based, non-profit organization, Lutheran Crossings is governed by a Board of Trustees. Operational objectives and financial feasibility are reviewed regularly by members of this board—representatives from the business community, churches, and other professional and civic groups.. They consider and provide direction on strategic plans, operational reports, budgets, and financial statements in support of the organization’s mission. The LSMNJ mission statement (below) is the compass for those who direct our path and focus our impact in communities across New Jersey

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, and in response to God’s love as revealed in the Gospel, the mission of Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey is to serve those in New Jersey who hurt, who are in need, or who have limited choices.

Built on more than a century of service, LSMNJ, and all of its programs, continues to serve residents statewide regardless of religious background or affiliation.  With 17 locations across our state, LSMNJ annually makes a difference in the lives of more than 6,000 individuals. 

Helping and Being Helped

Locally and throughout New Jersey there are people who really need help and there are those who really want to help. At LSMNJ and Lutheran Crossings we believe the best way to fulfill our mission is to bring these people together. 

Like all participants and supporters of LSMNJ programs, residents of Lutheran Crossings are considered part of the statewide LSMNJ family. Each resident benefits from the services and care provided by LSMNJ through Lutheran Crossings, but—as members of the LSMNJ family--they also have opportunities to help others. Net earnings from Lutheran Crossings Enhanced Living at Moorestown are not only reinvested into facility and operations, but also help fund various LSMNJ social services. Through these programs, residents indirectly give back to those who are hungry, longing for a family, or needing a place to call home. Learn about the diversity of programs and services offered through LSMNJ.

Residents at Lutheran Crossings not only give back but some are also helped through the generosity of others. Donations from partner groups, churches, and the community, along with grant funding, help support specific facility enhancements at Lutheran Crossings and provide occasional assistance for those residents with diminished resources.

For more information about how you can help make a difference and be part of the LSMNJ family, please tour the LSMNJ website.


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