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Our Team

Lutheran Crossings

Lutheran Crossings at Moorestown is a charming and friendly residential and healthcare community because of its dynamic team of nurses, aides, therapists, business professionals, leaders, physicians, and volunteers whom are both compassionate and caring. Each one makes it their own personal mission to care for those who call Lutheran Crossings ‘home.’

Our dedicated care teams work together through an interdisciplinary approach. This helps to ensure our residents’ individual health and social needs are met and continue to strengthen in order to enhance their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  A care plan for each resident and rehabilitation patient is thoughtfully developed and reviewed by the care team. Each team typically includes an attending physician, nurses, social workers, therapists, registered dieticians, and support staff.

We employ RNs (registered nurses), LPNs (licensed practical nurses), CNAs (certified nursing assistants), personal care aides, and activity aides to care for and attend to the individual needs of our residents. Our licensed social workers are equipped with specialized training in geriatric services. They promote advocacy and resident-centered care by providing one-on-one case management. They work closely with each resident and their family members to address health care concerns, facilitate special needs, and coordinate resources to transition patients as they return home. 

Lutheran Crossings - Our Team

Nurses certified in dementia care provide concentrated services to our residents diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and/or memory care issues. They provide a supportive, yet safe, environment with equal access to quality care. Showing respect to residents, the staff encourages them to make their own choices, whenever possible.

Our rehabilitation team consists of physical, occupational, and speech/language therapists specially trained to develop individualized treatment programs. Our therapists incorporate personalized care plans that highlight a patient’s interests and abilities. This allows the patient to attain goals at their own pace and reach milestones with a sense of accomplishment.

Every day, it is our goal to create a home-like atmosphere and treat each resident as if they were our own family member.